Plan Overview

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This is a 90 day, full-body training program. It can be used to become leaner, stronger,get curves, and gain more confidence! It includes: daily workouts , cardio suggestions, supplement advice, video tutorials, and in-app message support!

Get That Bikini Body

Get That Bikini Body

I will show you all my fave exercises and how to do them right

I will show you all my fave exercises and how to do them right

We eat healthy...BUT STILL HAVE CHEAT MEALS!!!

We eat healthy...BUT STILL HAVE CHEAT MEALS!!!

What You Will Get

90 Days of Training From The Pro+ Support from Emily!

Workouts are performed by Emily but designed by Certified Trainer + IFBB Pro Denetra Blackshear.
Denetra will design all training programs and create meal plans. Denetra has a certification with NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine). She has years of experiece in both personal training and creating easy to do meal plans. Emily Ghoul will demonstrate the exercises for you in the video tutorials. Denetra will make sure that your program is effective, give you results, and safe.

Instant Access To Video Library

 I will show you how it's done with videos of me performing all the exercises you need to know for your workout.

Meal Plan

A meal plan that is designed to help you reach YOUR fitness goals. I like to eat and think food should be yummy. So we will teach you how to eat healthier but still love the food you are putting in your mouth. And don't worry we are all about CHEAT MEALS here!

Grocery List

Shopping should be easy and fun am I right?! So we will give you a grocery list that will breakdown all the food you will need to get for this challenge. (Protein, Fat, Carbs, and Fiber)

List of Supplements

Protein Powder, Multi-Daily Vitamins, and even fish oil. We will list want supplements we recommend to take.

Become part of a community

An exclusive community of individuals just like you. We will cheer one another on. And don't worry I and Denetra will be there to keep discussions going as well.

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Ghoul 90 Day Challenge
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The Ghoul 90 Day Challenge was designed to get you in the best shape of your life. Workout at the gym or at home. Get a meal plan that is yummy and helps you reach your goals sooner. Emily shows you how the exercises are done with daily tutorial videos. Gain access to an exclusive community of individuals who are on the challenge just like you!

After 90 Days you can stay for low monthly fee of $100/ a month. We will keep giving you fun effective workouts,new meal plans, support, and advice.


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