Ghoul Fit in 30

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Plan Overview

I created the "Ghoul Fit in 30" for my friends who are not quite ready to fully commit. Maybe you have done other online programs in the past. You have tried this and that when it came to your diet. So I want you to just give me 30 days to help you reach your goals! I am going to show you the best moves to get you in shape. Keep you accountable. This is a no bull%$it zone.


The Pro Trains You+Emily Supports You!

IFBB Bikini Pro/ Certified Trainer Denetra Blackshear will design all training programs and create meal plans. Denetra has a certification with NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine). She has years of experiece in both personal training and creating easy to do meal plans. Emily Ghoul will demonstrate the exercises for you in the video tutorials. Denetra will make sure that your program is effective, give you results, and safe.

What You Get

  • Access To My Exclusive ApP (Available for all your mobile devices)

  • 30 Day Workout Program ( For gym or at home)

  • Video Tutorials by me (I show you the moves)

  • Grocery List (My grocery list of food I eat to keep me on track)

Join Ghoul Fit Now!!!

Ghoul Fit in 30
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Give Emily 30 Days to get you in the best shape of your life! 30 Day Workout Program, Video Tutorials, and FREE Grocery List included.

After 30 Days you can stay for low monthly fee of $100/ a month. We will keep giving you fun effective workouts, support, and advice.


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Real Results. Smaller Waist. Thinner Legs. Flatter Stomach.Butt lift