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Why I Started My Fit Challenges


Hi guys~it's emily mei (aka emily ghoul)...

I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO JOIN ME ON THIS FITNESS JOURNEY!!! As you may (or may not) know already, I make lifestyle videos on YouTube. A couple months ago, my trainer and best friend Denetra started training me. And I saw a drastic improvement in not just my physique, but my overall health and energy. Learning how to eat clean and work out the right way really changed my life.

So now I want to help you guys do it too! It was extremely hard for me when I had no one teaching me right from wrong. So I want to be here for you to show you the way (well, Denetra will be showing you the way, and I'll be here for visual and mental support hahaha). 

I'm so excited to see your progress :3

XOXO Emily Oppa!



Ghoul Fit in 30

So you just want to give this challenge a try. You are thinking am I really ready to commit? Do I really want this and can I handle it? It's okay I had the same questions. That is why I decided to have this program "Ghoul Fit in 30". Think about it is a trial run. You know riding a bike with training wheels. Give me 30 days to help you get closer to your goals! Come on friend you have nothing to lose... Well except a lot of weight, oh and  that stubborn fat around your thighs...And you will also lose self-doubt. I'm just saying.


The Ghoul 90 Day Challenge

Always wanted to lose weight, get smaller legs, and a nice butt! Yea I did too. But at first it was so confusing. I didn't know what to eat, what moves to do, or how to even do a squat. So I got a trainer (@denetrabfit) and we started to get to work. Since she is a certified IFBB Pro I knew I was in good hands. It also helps that she turned out to be one of my best friends. So I asked her if we could help girls just like me feel more confident in themselves again. I want to help you lose weight fast, motivate you, and help you love yourself even more! Let me introduce you to my 90 Day Challenge


Ask Any Real Questions About the Challenges

         Have a question? I don't mind answering, but please don't leave anything creepy or ridiculous.

Just REAL questions about the program please :)

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